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Beef Black Angus

Our beef is hung between 25 and 40 days

All natural

Raised locally

Beef CutCoupe de BoeufPrice per KG (CAD)Price per Lb (CAD)
Beef CubesCubes de Boeuf$19.99$9.06
Beef SausagesSaucisses au Boeuf$20.99$9.52
Chuck (Blade) RoastRôti Palette désossé$19.99$9.06
Chuck Blade RoastRôti Palette avec os$15.99$7.25
Cross RibCôte Croisée$20.99$9.52
Flank SteakBavette$44.99$20.41
French RoastRôti Français$21.99$9.97
French SteaksSteak Français$22.99$10.43
Ground BeefBoeuf Haché$11.20$5.08
New York StripContre Filet$44.99$20.41
Osso BuccoOsso Buco$17.99$8.16
Rib-Eye SteakFaux Filet$44.99$20.41
Rib SteakSteak de Côte$39.99$18.14
Round SteakTournedos$28.99$13.15
Sirloin RoastRôti de Surlonge$30.99$14.05
Sirloin SteakSteak de Surlonge$32.99$14.97
Steak Sirloin TipPointe de Surlonge$22.99$10.43
TenderloinFilet Mignon$71.99$32.66
Tomahawk SteakSteak Tomahawk$44.99$20.41

Other products

Angus Egg-rolls doubleRouleaux Angus Double$12.00 package of 10 / paquet de 10
Angus Egg-rolls regularRouleaux Angus Régulier$10.00 package of 10 / paquet de 10
Veggi Egg-rollsRouleaux Végé$10.00 package of 10 / paquet de 10
Donair 2 poundsDonair 2 livres$17.50
Spaghetti SauceSauce à Spagetti$12.00 / litre
Spaghetti SauceSauce à Spagetti$6.00 / 500 ml

Current prices as of February 7th 2019

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