Pelletier and Moorhead Farm

Our Story

Our story begins in 1992 when Pascale Pelletier and Douglas Moorhead bought 100 acres of land in the St-Hyacinthe road.

In 1993, we bought our first 6 cows. We wanted to evolve into cow-calve beef in the same way that Douglas was raised in the Arnprior Valley. This land at that time had no building and house and fields with a lot of rocks. In the early years, we set up the fields on evenings and weekends, given that we had jobs in aeronautics in the Mirabel area in order to be able to harvest our hay for our livestock. Our son David was also born in June 1991. At the same time, we are building the first part of the cold barn.

In 1996 we build our house on this land. This will ultimately facilitate our many trips from the village of Ste-Hermas to the farm to support the many daily tasks of our breeding. 

In 1997, we purchased a second land filled with 100 acres’ rocks in the St-Hyacinthe road. With our experience in landscaping our fields full of rocks, this exercise becomes more methodical and organized. The herd grows from year to year, forcing Doug to leave aeronautics to become a full-time Gentleman Farmer. Between counterpart, this decision attenuated the entry of capital to support the first years of operations.  

In 2003, mad cow disease hit the beef industry hard. Our passion, our organization and especially our endless hours allow us to pass through these difficult years. The Mirabel region is flourishing more and more, but these difficult years would not have been possible without the help of our agricultural friends and neighbors in Mirabel.

In 2009, the herd rose to 40 cows-calf’s. We must then enlarge the cold barn by 60%. Our son contributes more and more to the operations despite himself. He completed his CECEP John- Abbott and also a plumbing course in Montreal.In 2014, he announced that he will take over the operations of the farm. This decision is one of the best news that our company has received since its founding. Two generations unite to raise the livestock to 70 cow-calf’s. Sometimes 2 different generations do not always get along, but in the end, the passion for breeding always wins.
A new opportunity is offered to Doug to return to his second passion, aeronautics. His long time friend Kenny Martin hires him for his company Kentech Aviation Services to support the C Series.

The herd grows and David decides to hire 2 employees (Alexandra and Pascal) to support the growing operations of the farm. 

In 2015, to facilitate calving, we build a maternity section for cows.

In 2016, David and Philip (Pascale’s brother) create a sub-company to sell high quality frozen Angus beef products grown on non-growth hormone grazing and some by-products.

Ferme Pelletier et Moorhead

Nos débuts

This story seems simple for most people, but Pascale, Doug and David do not regret anything despite the many extra hours of work to offer Quebecers affordable and high quality Angus beef products on your plates every day.

Note: May Marjolaine Pelletier (past away) and Jean-Claude, Dorothy and Gerald Moorhead (both past away) continue to protect our projects and our health.